If any team is caught using any of the bats in the ASA Non Approved list I will
consider having that team's manager and the player sit for a minimum of one game.

No titanium bats / no bats that exceed a BPF of 1.2

All utilized bats must be on the ASA approved List.

This is a safety issue and we are a recreational program.

Each manager is responsible for assuring that their team
does not use any bat on the ASA BANNED list and that
all bats are stamped ASA APPROVED that are used in the game.

Any Questions: John Grondona / League Director
Cell: (619) 261-0826 - johng@softballsd.com

ASA Site: http://www.asasoftball.com

To see the ASA Current Approved List
From this link select "Bats" / then Click on "GO"

ASA Non Approved Bat Link below:

ASA Non-Approved List


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